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Tahir Habib
Muhammad Tahir Habib
Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization, Pakistan
He is the driving force behind the library project. As the main creator and maintainer, he not only conceived the idea but also took on the challenging task of developing and continuously maintaining the library. His dedication and technical prowess have been instrumental in bringing the library to life, making it a valuable resource for users seeking knowledge and information.
Muhammad Faizan Khan
Muhammad Faizan Khan
Quality and Food Safety Expert
Almarai, Saudi Arabia
He played a pivotal role in the library project by providing essential support and motivation. As a supporter and motivator, he recognized the potential of Mr. Tahir's idea and wholeheartedly encouraged its pursuit. His belief in the project's significance and unwavering support played a critical role in propelling Mr. Tahir to transform the idea into a successful reality. In the world of collaborative efforts, Muhammad Faizan Khan's encouragement exemplifies how enthusiastic supporters can drive the achievement of great projects. Together, their complementary roles have led to the development of the library, benefiting countless users in their quest for knowledge.



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